Tail Drift Online for PC – Free Download

January 29, 2015, Category: Games
Tail Drift Online for PC – Free Download
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Tail-Drift-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Tail Drift PC is a racing game of planes in which your goal is to drive your aircraft in mind-blowing evidence against opponents from all over the world. Guide the spacecraft in fun and clues that will put your skills to the test.

You’ll have fun in a game very similar to Mario Kart. Tail Drift has beautiful scenery, sprints, and up to several funny power-ups to you drop into your opponents, not to mention the nitros scattered around the scene.

Via Mario Kart, Sonic environment

However, the game does not have the same charisma that the game of Nintendo. That’s because there are no characters in vehicles and power-ups itself doesn’t have that appealing effect of that exist in Mario Kart, such as hooves, ghosts, among others.

This obviously does not question the quality of the game. Tail Drift has a visual amazing and very well done, including scenarios reminiscent of Sonic. The scenario design is very well done, with a very well designed environment in 3D. The characters are also neat.

Prepare your plane!

The game also has various types of characters and scenarios for you to venture. There are countless characters and updates to be used, making the game much more dynamic and lively.

The game requires much coordination and a high degree of spatial sense for you to complete phases. Stay tuned at every corner for not hitting, since the ships circulate a line and many angle points become blocked.

Free Download: Tail Drift for PC – Tail Drift for Android

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