Talking Ginger 2 for PC – Free Download

March 27, 2015, Category: Games
Talking Ginger 2 for PC – Free Download
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   Talking Ginger 2 PC is back, ready to exude charisma. Now, pussy’s birthday, and he wants to celebrate with you in a game which brings full of minigames to stock footage of the kitten.

It is possible to play four different ways in app: feeding the cat, blowing candles on the birthday cake, using a language of mother-in-law and assembling puzzles. Moreover, the game lets you record the pet repeating your lines.

Cute, but potent

A good option to extend the level of entertainment is to explore the tab of recorded videos or even creating their own Assembly of the kitten with a personal touch. The function serves to prevent the game becomes tedious very quickly.

Although the activities are fully aimed at small, playful and proposals that cherish through repetition, visual “cuddly” helps to expand the target audience. The graphics are very well-done and feature a nice aesthetic.

Power and care

Ginger is full of animations, as in time to blow out a candle or deny food, ensuring several features by the charismatic protagonist. In addition, he also brings a great sound appeal, since it repeats with a voice well singular everything that is said.

Due to the technical part, the game ends up being too heavy. Depending on the model of your device, it may be that the app playback speed and problematic, or even that occupies space in internal memory.

The option of connecting a mode for children is a very special touch, since many parents leave their devices in the hands of kids and end up suffering with unexpected purchases on Play Store.

Free Download: Talking Ginger 2 for PC  Talking Ginger 2 for Android

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