Talking Metal Man Online for PC – Free Download

March 18, 2015, Category: Apps, Games
Talking Metal Man Online for PC – Free Download
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   The application Talking Metal Man PC has an interesting proposal to be a casual fun for kids who like robots, but it has several problems that end up making this game isn’t as good as it looks.

Visual should be better

There are good animations in this game, but the General visual annoys him, since it is rather limited. The robot is in a very low quality, getting pixelated on screens with higher resolution. Even the animated elements suffer from this problem, even though the movements are relatively fluid and without locking.

The robot looks visually poorly done in many hours, and who is expecting a character in HD will be disappointed enough. This puzzles us is really evident, since not in static images the look of the robot looks better.

The sounds also leave something to be desired: you can speak and he responds, but this is done with a lot of background noise and no HD quality on the trail and in the sounds of the movements. That is, don’t expect too much of this game in appearance and sound experience, since he is pretty simple.

Privacy issues

A particular attention in this game enough flame: the mobile microphone connected all the time while the game is open. That is, there is no way to activate the recording only when you want; This feature is on all the time and that’s a pretty big privacy hole.

It’s not something that can actually cause more serious problems, but he should have a button that limit the times of recording lines for the robot repeat. The way it is made, whenever the app is open, he will be recording everything you say around.

Is it worth it?

The Talking Metal Man has some good points, like the puzzles varied and diverse actions. However, he is far from being a quality application, both in visual and in resources — it has only one game and is very repetitive.

Free Download: Talking Metal Man for PC – Talking Metal Man for Android

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