Ted the Jumper Online for PC – Free Download

February 4, 2015, Category: Games
Ted the Jumper Online for PC – Free Download
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   Ted the Jumper PC is a puzzle and challenge quite amusing in that its goal is to explore an amazing Lake through paths made with woods. To achieve the end result, you must guide Ted through the right route.

Ted the Jumper is challenging amusing and extremely interesting. At first glance, he looks like a game quite silly. But as you advance, realize how hard are your stages, requiring plenty of players ‘ reasoning.

Jumping and discovering

The mechanics of gameplay is extremely simple, since all you need to do is to guide the character while he jumps over the Woods. However, there is a structured logic below the path, which requires that you follow it correctly to complete the evidence, making the game very challenging.

Ted the Jumper has a children’s game and it appears to have been focused for the Tots. The character is extremely charismatic, and moves in a somewhat infantile, giving heed to the game really is made for children.

Fueling your adventure

The game is all translated into Portuguese, which helps a lot to understand the explanations and the logic of the game, for those who do not master the language. In addition, the title has very well organized menus that facilitate the actions.

The game has extremely beautiful 3D graphics. One of the details that more attention is the visual of the water, which is often composed of beautiful sea creatures. In addition, the effect of the animation is very well done. The music is a little annoying, but fortunately you can turn it off.

Free Download: Ted the Jumper for PC – Ted the Jumper for Android

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