Terra Monsters 2 Online for PC – Free Download

March 25, 2015, Category: Games
Terra Monsters 2 Online for PC – Free Download
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   Terra Monsters 2 PC is a game very similar to the classic Pokemon in the basic concept of capturing monsters and fight them, the title can innovate with various mechanical usually are only found in online RPGs.

Coach of monsters

The creatures can be fully customized and they have their own brands and unique skills, significantly increasing the strategic possibilities for hardworking people who love evolution.

The fights are easy to master at first, since everything is done through shifts. In addition, the interface of the game is understood very easily and all elements present self-explanatory buttons that hardly will confuse those who don’t know English.


Despite the amenities on the mechanics in the early stages, the battles bring an extra challenge that is not always seen in titles of the genre: the flaws. In fact, there is no 100% reliable attack for use at the most difficult (except those with automatic setting). As there are long and short strokes, as well as elements, there is plenty to assess before and during the fights and this has plenty of potential to Captivate gamers more strategists who don’t seek just another generic game monsters.

The graphics of the work are, taking into account the game balanced and colourful. However, a closer look reveals some inconsistencies. Many of the strongest animals have extremely cute appearance and, during the clashes, attacks have little expressive animations and, often, evil creatures move.

Missed whim

The background melodies are interesting and change as you are in a fight or walking around the world. However, they end up becoming repetitive, even if they are long enough to not look like that. The sound effects, in turn, are simple and may not please the most demanding people.

Taking into consideration the first release, Earth Monsters 2 isn’t exactly an evolution too whimsical. The graphics and sounds are basically the same, the flaws in operating mode collisions are still present and, in General, the new creatures and the story renewed may not be good enough as elements to Captivate people who expect to find a AAA title.

Free Download: Terra Monsters 2 for PC – Terra Monsters 2 for Android

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