Top Gear – Extreme Parking Online for PC – Free Download

December 28, 2014, Category: Games
Top Gear – Extreme Parking Online for PC – Free Download
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Top-Gear-Extreme-Parking-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you’re a fan of cars and unconventional challenges, Top Gear-Extreme Parking PC brings a set of missions that require a lot of agility. Facing some cones and many curves and ramps, you should drive with extreme caution and ensure that no checkpoint left behind.

Accuracy and agility

The control scheme presents a fairly common layout that should not bring problems for gamers accustomed to racing games. However, as the challenges require more precision than speed, it takes some time until the players get the hang of the car, which should please those looking for more realism.

With the vehicles and basic modes there are a good number of stages to play. However, anyone who wants more variation will have to buy several upgrades in the game store. Of course, people willing to spend real money can obtain benefits, while the rest have to be patient a little longer and see some advertisements.


The graphics engine of Top Gear-Extreme Parking is a bit old-fashioned, but presents quality images and a three-dimensional world with a good sense of depth and a lot of details. In addition, the modeling of all cars was well polished.

The sound set does a great job setting the gambling with descompromissadas songs that should appeal to people who like to rock. The effects of vehicles also are realistic and surprised by the level of realism.

Free Download: Top Gear – Extreme Parking for PC –  Android

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