Toy Blast Online for PC – Free Download

March 27, 2015, Category: Games
Toy Blast Online for PC – Free Download
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   Toy Blast PC is a puzzle game in which your goal is to join two or more pieces to help Amy to smile again. Release all the toys in fun and challenging puzzles that require sharp reasoning.

With Toy Blast, you can participate in incredible adventures of a simple way. The game follows a mechanic similar to Bejeweled, in that we need to eliminate parts, but this is done in a way somewhat different from common, with the junction of them without having to swap them around.

Explosive challenges

All you need to do to play is to play upon the parts which are grouped in the same color. In doing so, they are cleaned up automatically. In this way, the game becomes really relaxing and fun.

The difficulty is the limitation of movements, ranging from phase to phase, the game mechanics that ends up leaving the pieces of the same color is not always so close, and also the challenges of each stage, which can also be quite prickly.

Great fun

Toy Blast is fantastically beautiful. The graphics in the game are amazing, and simulate pieces of wooden toys from the real world. This enhances the experience in a way like no other. In addition, the game also features colorful animations and explosive.

Toy Blast is a captivating game, cute and well done. Join the challenges more insane in animated puzzles and difficult to be solved, but very easy to play. Don’t waste your time! Click Download and enjoy.

Free Download: Toy Blast for PC – Toy Blast for Android

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