Traffic Buster Online for PC – Free Download

January 21, 2015, Category: Games
Traffic Buster Online for PC – Free Download
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Traffic-Buster-Online-for-PC-Free-Download    Traffic Buster PC is a simulator-style game in which you are tasked with making a cross to work in the best possible way, avoiding at all costs any accident. However, there are no traffic lights or traffic signs, requiring you to control each of the cars, either through the accelerator or brake.

Despite not possessing different phases or upgrades, the title is well made and can be used to fill in a few free minutes or even for you to have fun for several hours, trying to beat his record.

The game is simple to manage and requires only touches on the screen, and a quick touch makes the car stop and the drag movement makes the vehicle accelerate.
Concentration, reasoning and. .. BOOOM!!

No matter what the challenge requires concentration and quick thinking, the game bet in action scenes to put terrible explosions that end up in a cruel way with all vehicles that pass through the street at the time of an accident.

The mechanics of realistic physics brings great visuals that complement the violence of action with fluid animations and well-worked effects, which show a good amount of detail. In turn, the realistic sounds close the arcade package with strong effects, representing the beats and the explosions in an exaggerated manner.

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