Trainz Trouble Online for PC – Free Download

December 16, 2014, Category: Games
Trainz Trouble Online for PC – Free Download
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Trainz-Trouble-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Trainz Trouble PC  is a puzzle game in which your reasoning must reach great speeds, in order to keep up with the pace of the locomotives. In it, you must have a good accuracy on his fingers and knowing how to plan your movements, because every mistake can not only reduce your note, as well as compromise the success at the end of the stage. Your amount of scenarios is good, but the vast majority require effort to be released.

The look of the game leaves much to be desired, showing good textures, in a general way. In addition, its resolution has great quality and contrast effects are also beautiful. However, the animations could be a little more fluid, in order to make the movements of locomotives less locked – which potentially would improve the gameplay, in a more general context.

The sound effects of Trainz Trouble are simple and, exactly for this reason, too repetitive. Even if they are not present in the game, leaving him a lot of time in silence, its low range makes them little attractions. Regarding the gameplay, she does not present many problems and the response to commands is good (although not always functional as it should).

Free Download:  Trainz Trouble for PC Trainz Trouble for Android

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