Tribal Rush Online for PC – Free Download

March 27, 2015, Category: Games
Tribal Rush Online for PC – Free Download
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   Tribal Rush PC may not be the most original game of the genre, but it certainly is fun. The game has good graphics neat, composed of colored drawings and full of details. Thanks to the isometric view, you can see the whole scenario with enough amplitude, and zoom in you can see the drawings of all buildings up close or from afar.

The game also features an extensive range of enemies, warriors, buildings etc. How you can perform an upgrade in almost everything, all elements have improved versions and more interesting, which is great for giving a sense of progression for the title. Allies to the visual aspect fancy, we can mention the good sound effects, are the background music (in medieval style) or the noises of the confrontation (with screams and squeaks of swords).

Administering his reign

The gameplay of the game is simple, despite the various menus which are always displayed on the screen. This is because many of these tabs are self-explanatory, with clear drawings of what they represent. Even if you don’t master the English, it’s not something complicated Tribal play Rush. In addition, the title has numerous tutorials (and there are many).

However, at any given time, all you want is a bit of freedom to build the village and expand the army, but you must stick to the rules of the tutorials-what is negative, since there is no escaping them. It seems that the app treats you as someone incapable of administering his reign on their own (and this is something very bad).

In addition to this fact, the game is not very challenging, because it seems that the opponents are always weaker than you. However, generally speaking, is an interesting game – and quite addictive.

Free Download: Tribal Rush for PC – Tribal Rush for Android

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