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May 7, 2015, Category: Games
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Twin Runners2 fo PC free download Twin Runners2 for Android free downloadIn Twin Runners 2, you find an infinite race title that is going to go crazy. With two characters who are simultaneously and only one control command, you need to find a way to dodge the obstacles and travel long distances.

Keep the focus

The gameplay is a bit complicated, since simply tap anywhere on the display to make the puppets change direction. This facility, however, does not guarantee that you get good scores with ease.

The large number of obstacles and constant changes in the formats of maps can make players more heedless lose constantly in a few seconds. The level of difficulty is high in three maps available and this may irritate those seeking casual fun – but Captivate who loves a good challenge.

A lot of competition

The integration with Google Play Games ensures that Twin Runners 2 turn into a highly competitive and addictive title, as there are hundreds of people around the world competing for a prominent place in the ranking. The achievements are also the points various.

The 3D graphics do not convey any kind of realism, but that is not a problem. In fact, the textures plateaus with vibrant colors create a good contrast during the run, which helps gamers to maintain focus. The interface screens, in turn, are well organized and will not bring difficulties for those not mastered English.

Regarding sound, Twin Runners 2 has a great soundtrack that changes according to the situation. The songs are immersive and the effects that represent the collisions and interactions can surprise you by good definition.

Free Download: Twin Runners2 for PC / Twin Runners2 for Android 

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