Ultimate Soccer – Football Online for PC/Windows Free Download

May 8, 2015, Category: Games
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Ultimate Soccer - Football Online for PC-Windows free download Ultimate Soccer - Football online for Android free downloadAt Ultimate Soccer-Football, you will find a full football game with a more casual mechanics. The title offers good possibilities, as dozens of times, players with different attributes and the possibility to customize formations.


Gambling isn’t exactly very fluid, since athletes move slowly across the field. Despite this, it is not difficult to control the puppets and the arrows showing the direction in which they aim to facilitate things for those who have difficulty with touch controls.

There are only two command buttons, and that impoverishes the mechanics, since it is possible to do only kicks, passes and carts. Who is accustomed to a AAA football title can certainly be disappointed at Ultimate Soccer – Football.

Good as a hobby

Despite the limitations on the mechanics, the career mode and the World Cup offer good challenges that can draw the attention of players who seek only a hobby. The title can also result attractive to anyone who owns a more modest unit unable to run fluidly other heavier football games.

About the graphics, as you can imagine, Ultimate Soccer-Football leaves something to be desired with low resolution textures, fully mechanical animations and lighting effects that resemble the technology used in the late 1990. The sounds also follow in the same vein, with generic effects and noises that may not captivate the most demanding gamers.

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