Vessel Online for PC (Windows 7/8, Mac) – Free Download

March 25, 2015, Category: Apps
Vessel Online for PC (Windows 7/8, Mac) – Free Download
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   Vessel PC is a good bet in the market of services of streaming videos on the web, which is already full of options, but none with this focus. The platform has channels that have users and popular companies, high image quality and content separation among various subjects.

The site is quite pleasant to navigate and with a wide variety of videos, especially for an initiating service. The impression is that he was very well planned and worked with certain agreements to display content to your users.

Among the examples of channels that are already “pumping”, are the Sports Illustrated magazine and also the GoPro cameras. Navigation is super easy and simply get in, do your registration (free or with a monthly fee of $ 3), choose the subjects you like best and receive indications of which following channels.

In the tests we did, it was very simple, even with the website being only in English. Visually, he is very nice and offers an intuitive interface and easily accessible to users. It doesn’t take many tips on how to use. The side menu is ideal, with good organization and everything you need to navigate.

The quality of the videos is good, the loading is fast and the user chooses to watch in HD or SD. performance shows no crashes and the site suffers only in the absence of a feature, which is the fact that not everyone can be a “Vesseler” How can it be a YouTuber “.”

Still, for those who enjoy videos on the web, and want to meet a platform that has quality content and that can help the person discover new legal channels, it is worth testing the Vessel. Access the web version, register and try the free edition. You might end up liking a lot.

Free Download: Vessel for PC 

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