VS. Racing 2 Online for PC – Free download

November 27, 2014, Category: Games
VS. Racing 2 Online for PC – Free download
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VS-Racing2-Online-for-PC-Free-downloadVS Racing 2 is a fun racing game that runs off a bit of classic standards, because when viewing the car from above, the gameplay is much more focused on cornering and skidding.

Drifts constants

The game is filled with challenging stages, with increasingly dangerous curves and fast and aggressive opponents. The control is based on a steering wheel that serves as a single command, simplifying significantly the gambling. Sometimes it’s hard to drive it, but it’s a matter of practice, which can be reduced or eliminated with a little practice.

The large number of levels, the varied design of the scenarios and the possibility of obtaining new cars and buy upgrades sum many points VS Racing 2, which has plenty of potential to vitiate the runners who love evolution and great challenges.

Well polished

The graphics are simple, but neat. There is a wealth of details both on vehicles and tracks and scenery around. The sober artistic style, which blends realistic textures with effects a little exaggerated, perfectly matches the athematic work casual.

The sounds of engines, those skid marks and overtaking, for his time, reflect the reality, improving the experience and immersion. The choppy songs that pack the action are also excellent.

Free download: VS. Racing 2 Online for PC – VS. Racing 2 Online for Android

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