Wartune: Hall of Heroes Online for PC – Free Download

December 2, 2014, Category: Games
Wartune: Hall of Heroes Online for PC – Free Download
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Wartune-Hall-of-Heroes-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadWartune graphics are very good, showing various objects and scenarios pretty well designed. The combination of colors used in environments let the appearance of the game very lively and enjoyable.

However, something that ends up spoiling a little graphical part successful is the fact there’s a caution with the realism of the illustrations. That’s because the drawings do not present appropriate proportion between them. A clear example of this is the height of the characters in relation to the buildings of the city: they are shown the same size.

The soundtrack presented by Wartune is very good, because it presents a great quantity and variety of songs. Even playing some tunes with clear reps, that part of soundtrack of the game doesn’t become cloying, because the songs have a very nice pace.

The sound effects also represent a very good feature of the game, since they reproduce perfectly the noises of the actions. The way to play it is easy to be learned, because the commands are all carried out by means of the mouse and the response to controls is excellent, so you have no problem in this regard.

Free Download:  Wartune: Hall of Heroes for PC  – Wartune: Hall of Heroes for Android

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