Way of Tanks Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

May 10, 2015, Category: Games
Way of Tanks Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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Way-of-Tanks-online-for-PC-Windows-free-download-Way of-Tanks-online-for-android-free-downloadWay of Tanks is a game that plays a steeplechase race starring war tanks. Here, the challenges are the same found during a military battle: barbed wire, land mines, ditches, walls and enemies.

A full tutorial explains all the workings of the game, showing the features of the game and all the gambling options. The game has no translation into Portuguese, however, it’s not enough to get in the way because it is a simple arcade.

Simple and addictive gameplay

The gameplay will please gamers who enjoy real challenges because, although the control scheme is not difficult to master, the challenges to be overcome require coordination and a lot of concentration, as well as in a war Simulator. Simply tap on the screen to move the tank and carry out the shooting.

The game has no Division of phases or a finish line, being that your goal is to evolve the vehicle and travel the greatest distance to get to get in a good position in the rankings.

Climate of war

Way of Tanks has reasonable graphics in 2D visual. The drawings of vehicles and scenery are very well detailed, with complex designs and easy recognition. In addition, the game has animations in battle that impress, leaving the matches more realistic. The epic explosions that make the game well marked.

Another positive point game is the sound direction. The game has action songs that make the game more exciting atmosphere during battles. The sounds are very realistic too, making the experience with the game more interesting.

Free Download:  Way of Tanks for Android

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