Wedding Escape Online for PC/Mac/Windows7/8 – Free Download

May 10, 2015, Category: Games
Wedding Escape Online for PC/Mac/Windows7/8 – Free Download
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Wedding-Escape-Online-for-PC-Mac-Windows-7-8-Free-Download   Wedding Escape PC is an interesting mix of Match 3 Game and arcade. The commands are performed by simple touch on the screen to move the pieces from the Board, but the mechanics also offers a lot of freedom in the use of power-ups that give improvements to the gameplay.

Starring grooms or brides decided to flee the wedding, each stage is antagonized by an authority which pursues the character. With fun animations, there are several references to movies and books. The soundtracks are exciting and the games are developed by means of combinations made on the Board.

Wedding Escape still counts with a minimalist interface and objective, has clear commands and very elementary. The player learns the game dynamics in an interactive tutorial. From there, it passes through a sequence of increasingly challenging stages.

Despite the title doesn’t explain well some of his mechanical power-up counters or the formation of special couples, simple and irreverent system can make fluid gaming experience and thought-provoking.

In addition to offering a way of scoring records, Wedding Escape also has a number of different characters to release. These unlocks are performed randomly when 100 coins are gathered. However, it is necessary that the player quit the stage with extra lives to convert them into credits.

Free Download: Wedding Escape for PC Wedding Escape for iOS

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