Wind-up Knight Online for PC – Free Download

December 6, 2014, Category: Games
Wind-up Knight Online for PC – Free Download
4.14 (82.86%) 42 votes

Wind-up-Knight-Online-for-pC-Free-DownloadWind-up Knight is a very fun game. He has several stages and a gradual evolution, so that you learn all kinds of motion of the game separately. The scenarios are very nice, well built on 3D graphics.

The bonus hidden in each stage has difficulty just right and the possibility to buy new items of attack and defense leave the game even better. Unfortunately, whenever you miss a move is necessary to restart the stage, without crossing point to save your progress.

In addition, the app crashed a few times in the tests with the HTC Sensation. And, finally, the user can get testy with the soundtrack of wind-up Knight. Although quite medieval scenario combining the game all stages have the same music.

Free Download: Wind-up Knight for PCWind-up Knight for Android

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