WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom Online for PC – Free Download

December 2, 2014, Category: Games
WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom Online for PC – Free Download
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winterforts-Exiled-Kingdom-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadWinterForts: Exiled Kingdomé a strategy game that takes several traditional elements of genre directly to the screen of your Android. The title is complete, however, without showing too much complexity, something that attract very mobile players.

In the game you need to manage a castle, building structures and recruiting villagers and soldiers. In addition, you need to defend it from attacks by barbarians and organize attacks against enemy castles. If you connect with Facebook, you can attack the Castle from a friend.

Fast learning and fun

The gameplay is simple, and the tutorial of the game guides you through all the steps of the first levels, even that is already familiar with the operation and can go it alone. Other than that, the sound effects and soundtracks are always giving an interesting backdrop for the title. A lively music plays all the time, but not enough to irritate. Besides, the sound effects are always synchronized with what happens on the screen.

On the other hand, the animations of the characters are not very convincing, showing mechanical movements little elaborated. In the same vein, the textures little defined display blurry surfaces, leaving the rather poor visual set.

Soldiers Act on their own

The battles in WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom are fun, but could be even more interesting. If you have the chance to strike your enemy unloading his warriors where and how much you think is best, the title doesn’t allow you to control or give orders, how to direct the attack some enemy soldier, for example.

The attacks on other players ‘ cities are fun and make every play even more personalized. At this point, it is worth noting that the enemies have no control over their soldiers, i.e. the two players face each other in real time. Here, it would be nice to have the option to join clans, something appreciated by online gamers.

Use your creativity to defend the Castle

Freedom of construction of structures is one of the highlights of the game. It is necessary to clean the snow so that they can be erected and the closer the walls, more expensive is the service. However, after releasing a considerable part of the soil, it is possible to construct a custom path between the structures.

So, if there is an invasion of barbarians in their Castle, they had to walk the path drawn by you until you reach your Castle. That way, you can build a sort of maze, causing their archers can shoot at the enemy in a safe position, for example.

Free Download:  WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom for PC  –  WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom  for Android

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