Wire Defuser Online for PC – Free Download

May 1, 2015, Category: Games
Wire Defuser Online for PC – Free Download
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Wire-Defuser-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   In Wire Defuser PC, gaming fans of logical reasoning and ability are a spectacular ensemble with a lot of potential to be addictive. Guiding a bomb squad specialist, your mission is to disable explosives increasingly complicated.

Surgical precision

The mechanics behind the game is quite interesting and, although it may seem simplistic at first, it won’t take long for the most complex phases begin to amaze.

In fact, the levels are increasingly complicated sequences that require total concentration and a good dose of skill on the part of the players who want to get a good score. Multitouch support and the need to interact with up to two elements at the same time are also excellent and further increase the difficulty level.

The challenges can be repeated as many times as you want and there are no lives, which is excellent. However, the bonuses that can help overcome a phase or to disable an element can only be bought through microtransactions, which means that things get much more difficult for those who do not want to spend real money.

Well bolado

Wire charts Defuser follow a stripped pattern that combines themed work. The elements are well defined, the animations are fluid and, in General, there is no apparent defect that compromises the experience.

The sound effects are well synchronized and represent coherently interactions. The background melody, in turn, is animated, but eventually becomes repetitive after a few matches and compromising the climate.

Free Download: Wire Defuser for PC – Wire Defuser for Android

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