The Witcher Battle Arena Online for PC – Free Download

January 23, 2015, Category: Games
The Witcher Battle Arena Online for PC – Free Download
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The-Witcher-Battle-Arena-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   The Witcher Battle Arena PC  is a very entertaining game of MOBA where your goal is to participate in exciting battles with characters from The Witcher, one of the most acclaimed RPG games of recent times.

The game has three types of battles options for you to have fun, being a online, where you will form a team with other players, and two offline, with battles against the artificial intelligence and a training mode so you can stay in game playmaker. Are varied options that hold up the fun, regardless of the environment.

Unique characters and powerful

The Witcher Battle Arena has nine characters. They are completely distinct and unique powers that make gambling even more fun and challenging. You can choose one of them and develop all your skills, in a scheme very organized and well produced.

The game also offers a wide range of scenarios for you to explore and fight for command posts. There are several diverse arenas that guarantee you a lot of ground to explore. Despite this, they are not very large. Thus, the battles are more focused and quick.

Fast action in stealth battles

The action is very exciting in The Witcher Battle Arena. The fact that the battles are fast make the game very exciting and fun. This remains unchanged in each of the matches and you back quickly so that dies, continuing the slugfest.

The graphics in the game are also fantastic and very well produced. All production in 3D is created in a very well structured, with very detailed scenarios and characters very different from each other. The animations also convinced and are exciting.

Easy access buttons for the slugfest

The game is also very easy to control, with simple buttons be located and used in battles. The only problem is that if you are playing on a smartphone, you will have to view the elements and buttons in a way too small. Not enough to get in the way, but is quite different from the experience of a PC and can cause awkwardness at first.

The Witcher Battle Arena is an excellent game with many visuals well produced, quick battles and great variety of characters. He is also fully translated into Portuguese and synchronizes your results with Google Play Games for you compare with your friends. Is a great choice for fans of the genre, and, mainly, for fans of The Witcher.

Free Download: The Witcher Battle Arena for PC – The Witcher Battle Arena for Android

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