World Wars Online for PC/Windows7/8 – Free Download

May 10, 2015, Category: Games
World Wars Online for PC/Windows7/8 – Free Download
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World Wars for PC-Windows-free-download-world-wars-for-android-free-download   World Wars PC is very similar to the classic War, but in a simple and minimalist: in place of cards and units that need to be manually positioned, the game offers a random map and positioning his troops automatically.

Its mission is to dominate all territories, but without using weapons or tanks: it’s all done on the basis of luck and a little bit of math. Every nation that has two or more allies can try his luck attacking land invaded.

Dominate everything

It’s hard to get the ropes of beginning and worth start matches with a smaller number of players. Another important point to remember is that you don’t always have to fight with the computer, especially when many nations are involved.

The trick is to be able to dominate the corners and always wait for their reinforcements to conquer the map completely, without leaving any loose ends — otherwise, the opponents can take advantage of the moment of weakness.

It is a pity that the game does not have online multiplayer system. Power play with friends would be a fun addition and would work very well with the proposed title. Still, it’s worth taking a few hours of fun playing alone.

Another problem is that the graphics are simple and the interface isn’t the most friendly of all. There is a lot of information and the matches end up getting boring after a long time, since there is no type of animation interesting to monitor the clashes. The soundtrack also increases the sensation, as it is repetitive and does not marry well with the proposal.

Free Download: World Wars for Android

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