WWE 2K Online for PC – Free Download

April 20, 2015, Category: Games
WWE 2K Online for PC – Free Download
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WWE-2K-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   WWE 2K PC is the official game of the world’s most famous sports entertainment. Finally coming to devices with Android and iOS system, the title promises to bring all the excitement of fights for smartphones and tablets.

Leaving aside the gameplay with controls with buttons, everything is controlled via touch screen. Since the blows until the grappling and submissions, it requires the correct movement of the fingers. Although the possibilities are great, the game offers an excellent tutorial for the player to learn all the techniques of combat.

Building a career

As already mentioned in the description, the career mode is the most eagerly awaited by players. Start your journey in wrestling to accumulate fame and face battles with famous fighters is an incredible experience.

And best of all it is when the game allows you to customize your character from the beginning. Despite not owning a customization as complete system as on consoles, here you can choose from the height and weight of the fighter until the hair, beard and clothes.

Intense fights

The game offers a wide range of strokes to strike at opponents, making gambling a lot more exciting. There are several types of attacks you can use, and some of them are exclusive to the character itself. In addition, you conquer new moves over time.

WWE 2 k has a big difficulty level. As you advance, new competitors arise, requiring a much larger level of preparation, in addition to the correct use of scams to exploit the weaknesses of each enemy.

Faithful and audiovisual set of first
The graphics engine renders good quality three-dimensional modeling, and photorealistic textures of clothes of the fighters impress for details. The animations were also well worked, but there’s still a certain sense of automation during the fights.

WWE graphics 2 k are very neat and will not disappoint one bit players accustomed to AAA titles. The three-dimensional modeling impress with realism, the scenarios are detailed and the movements of the fighters are well made. The special effects shots in sequence also add points to the set.

The sound effects reproduce with fidelity the environment of struggles, besides presenting sounds of blows and the reaction of the fighters. Regarding the soundtrack, being a game officer ensures the presence of well-known songs – really a show for fans of WWE.

Free Download: WWE 2K for PCWWE 2K for Android

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