ZERO Launcher App for PC – Free Download

November 27, 2014, Category: Apps
ZERO Launcher App for PC – Free Download
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ZERO-Launcher-PC-Free-DownloadZERO Launcher is one of the most beautiful 3D effects with apps available on Google Play Store. The app comes with a choice of three transition: Crystal, in which the screen becomes a square spinning; Fabric, the twists, both with 3D effect; and the smooth transition, traditional on Android, just move on to the next screen.

Some effects and colours of the main theme of the app very reminiscent of Apple’s iOS. The main similarity is the central control. In the same way as in the Apple system, by dragging your finger from the bottom edge up, the user has access to the control center. A resource pool is accessed, such as list of recent applications, brightness control, music, volume, and quick access to the calculator, flashlight. In addition to being able to activate and deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The colors and layout of icons also remembers the Apple System.

The splash screen Launcher unites the notifications bar by the same color, characteristic of the new Android Lollipop. With two native widgets, ZERO Launcher has a shaped bar that allows you to control features like Wi-Fi and screen brightness. A simplistic menu gives you access to more controls. For the user, the help widget, but can become redundant since the central control has the same function, is more of the same.

The other shows a digital clock widget, which synchronizes location and temperature, important feature for many users. A highlight is the quick task manager that accelerates the smart with just a touch. The app does not allow access to a menu of applications, trademark of Android. One more similarity with the Apple system is that the apps are, in the vast majority, scattered in four native launcher screens.

Free Download: ZERO Launcher for PCZERO Launcher for Android

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