Zombie Cat Madness Online for PC – Free Download

December 20, 2014, Category: Games
Zombie Cat Madness Online for PC – Free Download
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Zombie-Cat-Madness-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Zombie Cat Madness PC is an interesting choice for fans of Tower Defense that are sick of the more traditional options. The title presents some features of the acclaimed Kingdom Rush, since it is possible to put soldiers along the way to insure the opponents.

Simple and challenging

The gameplay is fast and intuitive mechanics won’t bring any trouble to anyone who is familiar with the genre, because simply tap in the places marked to build new structures. The options appear in context menus only when necessary, maintaining an unpolluted interface.

Although there are only four defensive structures, the intermediate difficulty level requires gamers to think very well in places where the towers should be placed. In addition, depending on the flow of opponents, sell items to acquire other may be necessary.

The cartoon-style graphics are not supercaprichados, but combine with the proposal stripped from the game. The animations are satisfactory and the effects of the shots draw attention and can consolidate an interesting environment.

Can improve

The soundtrack is fun and the effects of the shots are partially realistic and well synchronized. However, the high rate of repetition of the noises can be sick and have a lot of people decide to play in silent mode.

The biggest problem of Zombie Cat Madness a few upgrades, which limits the strategic possibilities and also makes gambling more repetitive.

Free Download:  Zombie Cat Madness for PC – Zombie Cat Madness for Android

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